Negative Payroll Transactions

One step payroll corrections and adjustments software for Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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Did you know this GP payroll software…

  • Automatically updates leave balances when using Comprehensive Leave Manager

  • Functions if transactions are imported via Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager

  • Is also supported with eConnect – if you’re interested, contact Integrity Data’s Customer Care team for the add-in after you purchase Negative Payroll Transactions

“We had some negative pay issues…what we had been doing manually was onerous, so our Value-Added Reseller, InterDyn, suggested Integrity Data’s products. The software did exactly what we needed it to do and helped our Payroll staff be more efficient.”

– Kathy Lindquist, CFO at Elim Care, Inc.


See how this GP Payroll module allows you to easily perform payroll corrections and adjustments

Hi, I’m Dan Doolin with Integrity Data. In this video, I want to show you how to easily perform payroll corrections and adjustments using the Negative Payroll Transaction feature from Integrity Data.

Let’s go ahead and open up the payroll transaction entry window in Dynamics GP and show you how to use this tool. Let’s begin in the payroll transaction entry window. The regular payroll transaction for the employee is there now all we need to do is enter our negative payroll transaction. In this example, I’m going to use the vacation pay code to represent the fact that the employee was incorrectly charged for vacation time in a previous pay run; therefore, to make that correction we’re simply going to enter minus 8 hours for vacation for this employee. This will also add those 8 hours of vacation time back to the employee balance. That’s true if you’re using Payroll Accruals, HR Attendance, PTO Manager or Comprehensive Leave Manager to accrue vacation.

Now, we will proceed to the payroll process. We can see the negative 8 hour payroll transaction on the billed check report. We can also see the negative transaction reflected on the calculate check report. The negative transaction also appears on the employees earnings statement or pay stub. This is true if the earnings statement is printed and also if the earnings statement is emailed to the employee using the Employee E-Mail Suite feature from Integrity Data. It’s also important to note that any general ledger accounts that needed to be updated as a result of that negative payroll transaction, have been updated automatically when the payroll is posted.

See how much you can save

“We wouldn’t have been able to survive
without Negative Payroll Transactions.”

– Trisha Tretter, Payroll Specialist, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

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See what our customers are saying about Negative Payroll Transactions


Speedy Cash, The Money Box

“Negative Payroll Transactions makes our payroll processing much easier; no more manual adjustments to correct someone’s pay. Also, because it’s easy to make a transaction entry flow through to General Ledger, it shows up on all our reports so we know exactly what happened.” – Landon Russell

Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

“We have been using Negative Payroll Transactions since we got Microsoft Dynamics GP, and we wouldn’t have been able to survive without it. If someone is overpaid it is so much easier to enter a negative pay transaction to fix it on the next check run (within reason) than to void and reissue paychecks.” – Trisha Tretter, Payroll Specialist

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

“Negative Payroll Transactions has made it possible to automatically ‘sync’ what our employees put in themselves as payroll corrections into the GP system – no additional manual labor required.” – Dallas Thiel

See how Negative Payroll Transactions
automated Kathy’s tasks in Dynamics GP

Software Pricing

1-100 employees
101-250 employees
251-500 employees
501-1000 employees
1001-2000 employees
Unlimited employees

Annual Enhancements: 20% of list price, includes all product updates and unlimited support

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Negative Payroll Transactions Fact Sheet

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