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Speedy Cash, The Money Box

“Negative Payroll Transactions makes our payroll processing much easier; no more manual adjustments to correct someone’s pay. Also, because it’s easy to make a transaction entry flow through to General Ledger, it shows up on all our reports so we know exactly what happened.” – Landon Russell

Deseret Management

“Negative Payroll Transactions allows us to correct overpayments to employees by simply adjusting future payrolls with negative amounts.” – Cary Ripplinger

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

“Negative Payroll Transactions has made it possible to automatically ‘sync’ what our employees put in themselves as payroll corrections into the GP system – no additional manual labor required.” – Dallas Thiel

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Negative Payroll Transactions Fact Sheet

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Knowledge Base

Yes, the negative transaction will flow through the entire payroll process and be reflected in all the reports including financial, department, position, pay code and other reports.

Negative Payroll Transactions does not have to be used only to reverse earnings from a previous pay run. You can use it to reduce the wages using a different pay code. Example: An employee earns $20/hour and you would like to use a different pay code to reduce the wages by a flat $100 (using a different pay code that has not been previously posted to for the employee).

Automatically updates leave balances when using Comprehensive Leave Manager.