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Overtime Tracking Software for Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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Organizations with hourly employees who receive overtime based on various weekly and daily limits need the ability to set up and automatically apply these rules.



Enforce your specific overtime rules

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Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc

“Overtime Hours Rules has been a huge time saver for us:
not only did it reduce entry time for employees, it also reduced the
number of incidences of rejected or resubmitted timecards, which reduced
the amount of time we had to spend tracking employees down, letting
them know they needed to make a correction. It has also reduced the
time we spend manually entering paper timesheets, and time tracking
down supervisors to find out and correct ‘in process’ timecards that
are past due.” – Leigh Ann Perry

Software Pricing

1-100 employees
101-250 employees
251-500 employees
501-1000 employees
1001-2000 employees
Unlimited employees

Annual Enhancements: 20% of list price, includes all product updates and unlimited support

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ROI Calculator

Employees with Overtime per pay period
Minutes spent per employee to check/adjust OT hours
Hours spent fixing OT hours from previous pay periods
Total hours spent per pay period
Number of pay periods
Hourly rate of resource managing payroll
Annual Cost of Current Process


Overtime Hours Rules Fact Sheet

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Overtime Hours Rules User Guide

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Knowledge Base

Overtime Hours Rules will allow the user to set a default rule for each rule type. The default rules will be applied to all employees who do not have an overtime rule assigned.

For example, overtime is anything over 8 hours in a day or over 40 hours in a week.

Yes, you may assign multiple overtime rules to an employee.

Individually or mass assign overtime rules: overtime rules can be tailored to an individual employee’s needs or assigned to multiple employees at once (by department, position, or employee class).