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Part 3: Reviewing ACA Forms

Estimated reading time: 6 min

The Review ACA Forms is a short description of what information is going to be reviewed within the
wizard for the year end process. These forms include:

  • ACA 1095-Cs (Preview, Edit, Print)
  • ACA 1094-C (Preview, Edit, Print)

Review 1095-C Information

The edit report is for a quick glance and covers the basics like 1095-C codes. The preview feature is a
closer look at the data and is displayed in a helpful format. You must cycle through one form at a time,
however. You can edit the forms if needed by clicking the light blue link in the final line item.

  • Conduct a quick overview of the generated 1095-Cs using the 1095-C Edit Report
  • Review the generated 1095-Cs individually using the preview feature
  • Make modifications by visiting the 1095-Cs page

1095-C Edit Report

The Edit reports will give you an overview of covered employees and dependents along with their
months of coverage


The preview hyperlink will open the Edit 1095-C Information preview page. You may review all
generated 1095-C’s in this preview window to ensure accuracy.

1095-C’s Page

This link opens the 1095-C Information page. Here you will be able to edit or delete information
pertaining to the generated 1095-C’s.