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1095-C Distribution Center

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The 1095-C Distribution Center is used to print, e-mail or send 1095-C forms to employees via USPS.
The center is divided into several sections including

  • Validation: Validating forms for accuracy and previewing 1095-Cs
  • Selection: Tracks the number of forms you have selected in the grid
  • Send Via: The way in which you will send 1095-Cs to employees
  • Account Totals: Tracks total number of forms sent through Email or USPS and not sent

E-mail and print functionality are covered in their respective sections later in the guide.

The 1095-C Distribution center is not multi–user capable. Only one user should be
performing actions on this page at a time. Failure to restrict to one user may result in extra forms
being sent and charges incurred. Take care to follow this advisory.

Validating Forms

Validating your 1095-C’s is a way to ensure that the information on your forms and for your employees
is accurate. You may click the “Re-Validate 1095-C’s” button at the bottom of the page in order to run
through the validation process. When your forms are mailed via USPS or e-mailed, the 1095-C’s run
through the validation routine automatically.

If the validation is successful, you will see “Validated” appear on the Validation State column
If there is an error on a form, you will see “Error” appear on the Validation State column and the
message “One or more validation errors occurred” at the bottom of the page. In order to view errors
you can click the “Validation Errors” hyperlink at the bottom of the Validation section at the bottom of
the page. You may print these errors.

Previewing Forms

You may preview your forms in order to verify accuracy of the information by clicking the Preview
1095-C’s button at the bottom of the page.

The preview window will appear and you may flip through all selected 1095-C’s. If any edits need to be
made you need to navigate to the 1095-C’s page and edit individual 1095-C’s there.

Account Totals

The Account Totals section is used to total the number of forms that have not been sent, sent via USPS,
and sent via Email regardless of whether they were sent on more than one date.

  • Not Sent: This is the total number of forms that have not been sent via USPS or Email
  • Sent via USPS: This is the total number of forms that have been sent via USPS Note: This
    number is only populated once the number of forms make it past the Creation section
  • Sent via Email: This is the total number of forms that have been sent via Email

Sending Forms via USPS

Mailing forms to employees via USPS is done in separate batches throughout the filing season.

Step 1

If you would like to send certain groups of employee forms, apply any filtering or sorting before
selecting forms to send via USPS

Step 2

If you would like to select all records displaying in the grid, click the “Mark All” button at the bottom of
the page in order to mark all records that are displaying in the grid at this point in time. You may also
select individual records to send by checking individual records

Step 3

Once the records have been selected, click the “Mail via USPS” button at the bottom of the screen

Step 4

If you have not accepted the Fulfillment Terms of Service yet, you will be prompted to accept them
before continuing with the mail process

Step 5

Once the Mail via USPS button is clicked, a processing window will appear. Click Continue to continue
with the process. Click Cancel to cancel the operation. The system is validating your forms and
preparing the forms to be sent. Note: This process may take a while even after the processing window
goes away depending on the number of forms selected.

Note: If you have 250 or fewer 1095-Cs, you will be prompted with the following window:

Due to the fact that electronically filing 1095-Cs is optional for companies with 250 or fewer 1095-Cs,
the system requires the answer in this window in order to mark a form as corrected. Unless you have
already electronically filed your forms and received errors back from the IRS, you will answer “Never
Been Sent”

Step 6

Once you sent the forms you may now track their progress using the USPS Tracking progress bar

USPS Tracking Progress Bar

The USPS Tracking bar is used to track the steps involved in sending your forms to employees via USPS.

  • Waiting for Queue: Your forms are sent for processing and waiting to be picked up. Normally
    you will not see a number populate this section
  • Creating: A secure file is being created containing all selected forms
  • Print Scheduled: Your forms will stay in this section until the designated send date dictated
  • Printing and Packaging: You