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Alerts are collected and displayed in the Alert Log as depicted below. The alert log can be filtered or
sorted according to available criteria in the header row. General characteristics are as follows:

  • Alerts are color coded by severity where red is critical, yellow is warning, and green is
  • Alerts are bold type until they are viewed, at which point they revert to normal font
  • Alerts are global and are viewable for all users but you can control which ones are visible to you
    via the “My Alerts” Filter in the upper left area of the alert log
  • You can perform the following actions:
    • Dismiss – This will hide the alert from view for the current user. The only way to view
      dismissed alerts is to set the filter to “All Alerts”
    • Complete – This sets the status of the alert to “closed” and will also hide it from view.
      Completed alerts are also hidden from the “All Alerts” Filter. (To make them visible you
      will need to expose the Status column)
  • You can view the detail for an alert by clicking the “Details” button
  • You can enter a comment when dismissing or completing an alert (see below)

When you press the “Dismiss” or “Complete” buttons (upper right) you will be prompted to add a note.
To select more than one alert to take action upon, simply mark the checkbox to the right of the alert.
The image below depicts how a note/comment is added to a given alert.

When you click the “Details” button, the system will present a detail window with an explanation as to
what the alert is describing. This is a read only window for purposes of additional information. Click
“Ok” to dismiss the window.

The following alerts are currently included in the ACA compliance solution:

Employee Eligible for Insurance

This alert is intended to inform the user when an employee who has tested as eligible for insurance enters into the administration period and needs to be offered coverage.

Employee Insurance not affordable if current trend holds

his alert is intended to inform the user when the cost of an ACA plan grows too large with respect to
an employee’s earnings. The alert is set to

  • Consider Plans with a rate of pay safe harbor
  • Consider the time period between the start for the plan and the current system date
  • Alert the user when the cost is within 2% of the percentage specified in the plan

Example: User earns $10,000 for the time period described above. Plan safe harbor specifies 9.66% as
the threshold of unaffordability. If the cost of the coverage in the time period above rises above $766
(7.66%) then the alert will fire.

NOTE** to determine the cost ($766) the system will multiply the number of months in the time period
by the numerical value of the field “Self Only Cost” in the Plan setup.

Employee Insurance not affordable

This alert is intended to inform the user when the cost of an ACA plan grows too large with respect to
an employee’s earnings. The alert is identical to the “Employee Insurance not affordable if current trend
holds” with exception that the threshold has now been reached or exceeded.

Eligible Variable Hour Employee becomes ineligible

This alert is intended to inform the user when an employee who has coverage currently, may no
longer be eligible for that coverage and may need to be re-evaluated. Said employees may have
coverage illegitimately OR may have coverage for a while yet, due to being protected by a stability
period which hasn’t expired yet. In any case, the alert draws attention to employees who may need to
be double checked.

Full Time Employee completes waiting period

This alert is intended to inform the user when a new employee (assumed and expected to be full time)
has completed the waiting period. The user is reminded to offer coverage soon. For sake of
determining waiting period the system uses the values defined in company setup in the “Full Time
Employee Eligibility” section.

Initial Measurement Period Ending

This alert displays when an employee’s initial measurement period is ending based on information in
the initial measurement period setup. This alert is displayed when the ending date is less than 45 days
from the server system date.

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