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ACA Compliance Solution User Interface and Navigation

When you first log in to the ACA Compliance Solution, you will be able to view the Dashboard page as
depicted below. From here, you will have access to all the navigation elements and feature pages.

Header Information appears at the top of the screen, which includes the currently logged in account
(eg. Developer Binex), user (eg. Additional User), and User Guide and Help Center information.
Main Navigation appears on the left in expandable menu panels. The navigation pane is sorted
alphabetically. The menu panels are defined according to the following:

  • Dashboard – Also serves as the landing page. Consists of a series of Key Performance
    Indicators (KPIs) organized at the top of the page, which provide high level visibility into the
    status of the application with the following:

    • Alerts
    • Percentage of Employees Covered
    • FTE without coverage
    • Minimum Essential Coverage Cost
    • Days Remaining in Admin Period
  • Alerts & Reports –Provides access to Eligibility, Employee and IRS reports. It also contains the
    Alert Log functionality and system reports.

    • ACA Reports
    • Alerts
    • System Reports
  • Utilities & Maintenance – Contains the following maintenance and utility items:
    • ACA Maintenance
      • 1094-C Prerequisites
      • 1095-Cs
      • Dependent
      • Edit 1094-C information
      • Employees
      • Employee Document Information
      • Transactions
    • ACA Utilities
      • 1095-C Distribution
      • 1095-C Mass Create
      • Account File Share
      • Email Employees
      • IRS Filing
      • IRS Filing Activities
      • Upload & Import
      • Year End Close
  • Configuration – Contains the section for all setup items as per the following:
    • ACA Setup
      • ACA Information Assignments
      • ACA Plan
      • Benefit
      • Company
      • Control Group
      • Exclude Active Employee (Waived Coverage)
      • Government Entities
      • Initial Measurement Period
      • Pay Code
      • Seasonal Employee Override
      • Standard Measurement Period
      • Service Break
      • Unpaid Leave
      • Waiver Code
  • Global Settings
    • Accounts
    • Accounts Administration
    • Audit Log Setup
    • Banner Management
    • Clear Data
    • Role Management
    • User Report

User Management – Provides the ability to manage users who have access to the ACA Compliance
Solution, as well as invite new users.

All functionality is contained within the above-mentioned pages with exception of reports, which can
be exported to various file formats or printed directly.

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