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These screens are used to import and manipulate data which will affect how an employee appears in
the subsequent ACA reporting. The most common is the upload / import utility which is responsible for
bringing in the data. Secondarily the utility and rehire are used to modify fulltime vs. part time

Upload & Import

Utilities & Maintenance > ACA Utilities > Upload & Import

This screen allows the user to import three different types of data sets:

  • Employees – Note: duplicate social security numbers for different employee ID’s cannot be
    uploaded into the system.
  • Dependents – Only upload dependent template if medical plan is self-insured.
  • Transactions – Note: By default the system prevents the import of duplicate transactions in
    the system. If there is a legitimate need to allow duplicate transactions are necessary; you can
    check “Allow Duplicates” on the Upload & Imports page. The setting will apply to the
    Import/Upload page as well as the IDCS Connector and any tool which utilizes the ACA
    Compliance solutions API for import. Configure the setting from either option below:

You may also edit this setting on the Account Maintenance page: