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ACA Utilities

These screens are used to import and manipulate data which will affect how an employee appears in
the subsequent ACA reporting. The most common is the upload / import utility which is responsible for
bringing in the data. Secondarily the utility and rehire are used to modify fulltime vs. part time

Upload & Import

Utilities & Maintenance > ACA Utilities > Upload & Import

This screen allows the user to import three different types of data sets:

  • Employees – Note: duplicate social security numbers for different employee ID’s cannot be
    uploaded into the system.
  • Dependents – Only upload dependent template if medical plan is self-insured.
  • Transactions – Note: By default the system prevents the import of duplicate transactions in
    the system. If there is a legitimate need to allow duplicate transactions are necessary; you can
    check “Allow Duplicates” on the Upload & Imports page. The setting will apply to the
    Import/Upload page as well as the IDCS Connector and any tool which utilizes the ACA
    Compliance solutions API for import. Configure the setting from either option below:

You may also edit this setting on the Account Maintenance page:

You will need to set your data up in an EXCEL spreadsheet exactly as the example templates and then
save as a Text (Tab delimited) file before importing. An example of an import file layout for each category is obtained by
clicking the “Download Sample File” link shown below:

To import data for a given category, click the “select files” button. Navigate to the saved text file and
click “open”. The system will display the file name in the box. Once selected you must click the”
Upload Import” button. The system will display a progress indicator while it processes your file. When
finished the system will display an indication that a successful upload took place. See green text above.
If an error occurs during upload/import the system will display red text. Clicking on it will provide a
report showing which line item(s) in the file caused the errors.

If an error occurs, the import process will abort and WILL NOT import any data on Employees
and Dependents. You must correct the import file and re-attempt the upload. The system is an all or
nothing approach with one exception: Transactions that error with “Employee ID Not Found” will
upload all other transactions where the ID is found.