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Accrue PTO Hours in Blocks per Standard Hours

When set to true, the accrual hours per standard will be accrued in blocks once the standard hours are met or exceeded.  This feature will carryover hours from an unaccrued block to the next pay cycle.

For example; An employee has 50 ‘Standard Hours’ in a block and 2 ‘Accrual Hours per Standard Hours’ and the ‘Accrue Hours in Blocks’ is set to True. The employee is paid for 80 standard hours during the pay cycle.  When payroll is processed the employee would accrue 2 hours based on the 50 hour block of ‘Standard Hours’ but the 30 remaining hours would carryover into the next pay cycle and be included in the calculation.  The employee would have 30 ‘Standard Hours’ added to next pay cycle’s ‘Block Accrual’ calculation.

When this is set to false, the accrual hours will prorate based on the actual hours vs standard hours.

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