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HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR and Payroll for Business Central

Add Employee Salary

Step 1: From ‘Payroll Employee Card’ select ‘Process’

Step 2: Select ‘Salary’

Step 3: The ‘Payroll Employee Salaries’ table will open

Step 4: Select ‘+New’ to add a new Salary

Step 5: The ‘Employee Salary Card’ will open

Step 6: Select  ‘Pay Cycle”

Step 7: Select ‘Starting Date’ from available options in the drop-down menu

Step 8: Select a ‘Salary Type’

Step 9: Enter an ‘Hourly Rate’ or ‘Annual Salary’ depending on the ‘Salary Type’ you selected

Step 10: Enter ‘Weekly Hours’. They will default to ‘40’ but can be changed if needed

Step 11: If you are importing hours for this employee, set ‘Use Hours Details’ to True. For Salary Employees, set ‘Use Hours Details’ to False

Step 12: Enter ‘Overtime Multiplier” if This will most likely be applied to Hourly Employees

  • Set ‘Overtime Exempt’ to True or False
  • Click ‘Button’ to save Salary settings

Step 13 : Review newly created Salary in the Salary Table, then click ‘Close’