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HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR and Payroll for Business Central

Add PTO Hours

Step 1: From ‘Payroll Employee Card,’ select ‘Process’ and the select ‘PTO Hours’

Step 2: The ‘Payroll Employee PTO List’ will open. Click ‘+New’

Step 3: The ‘Employee PTO Card’ will open

Step 4: For the ‘Earnings Code’ field, select an earnings code from the available options in the drop-down menu

Step 5: Enter a ‘Starting Date’ for the PTO Hours to begin accruing by entering a date or selecting one from the drop-down menu

Step 6: Enter an ‘Hours Limit.’ This is the maximum amount of hours that can accrue each year

Step 7: If you wish to allow negative hours or allow unused PTO Hours to carry over each year’s amount, set the appropriate sliders to True. If you set the ‘Year Carryover’ to True, you can enter a ‘Carryover Hours Limit.’ The ‘Carryover Hours Limit’ is the amount of accrued hours they can carry over from the previous year

‘Allow Negative Hours’ means that employees can use hours that they have not yet accrued. This is most commonly utilized with Vacation Time for new employees.  In most cases, companies will utilize either ‘Lump Sum Setup’ or the ‘Accrual Per Pay Period Setup.’
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