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HR and Payroll for Business Central

Adding a New State

If you are using our Tax Filing services, please contact support to determine the appropriate Codes needed for tax filing.

  • Create Payroll Codes. Setup>Payroll Codes
    • Employee (Withholding)


    • If the Employee will have Withholding in one state and Unemployment in another, you will need to have the “Resident” State setup.

    • Employer Tax (if applicable)

  • Add new Payroll Codes to Payroll Calc Formulas Lines. Setup>Payroll Calc Formulas>Select Formula>Setup>Lines. (If using “Resident” code, make sure the Formula is “Resident State”.

  • Enter State Tax ID’s. Setup>State Tax ID’s.

  • If applicable, enter ER Tax Rates and Wage Base Limits for ALL ER Taxes. Periodic Activities>Periodic Processing>Employer Tax Rate / Limit Update
    • Enter the State Abbreviation
    • Select the Employer Tax Code
    • Enter your specific Tax Percent
    • Enter that states Wage Base

  • Add GL Posting:
    • Posting Setup>Withholdings/Deductions (Employee Portion)

    • Posting Setup>Employer Taxes (Employer Portions – both debit & credit), if applicable.

  • Attach to the Employee Card. Employee>Process>State Withholding Setup
    • Withholding and Unemployment in same state Example (Example Employee 1)

    • Withholding in One State and Unemployment in another. (Example Employee 2)