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HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR and Payroll for Business Central

Adding Benefits to New Hire or for New Life Event

Set up benefits for a new hire or add a new life event for an existing employee.

From your HR Dashboard click on Benefits

Select Open Enrollment Setup from the dropdown menu

Click on New Hire or Life Event from the Open Enrollments list

The corresponding window will open. Scroll down to see all the benefits that you made available for a New Hire or Life Event

Special Enrollment will be marked Yes from your system setup. Click on the dropdown menu for Employees to Invite and select your employee. Click on the dropdown menu for Enrollment Reason and select New Hire or corresponding Life Event reason.  Complete the date you want the Invitation to be sent and the Effective date of the employee’s benefits and click “Save Changes”

An email invitation will be sent to the employee on the date you request for the invitation

Go back to the Benefits dropdown menu and select Monitor Open Enrollment

Select your New Hire Enrollment or Life Event that corresponds with the enrollment invitation that you just sent out

You will see that your New Hire Enrollment has not been started yet