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HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

Add a User in HR for Advanced Time and Attendance

Link Email to Employee

To add a user to Advanced Time and Attendance (ATA) in HR so they can clock in and out using the HR Timeclock, you must first make sure that their email is linked to the employee.

First, verify that an email address is listed for them.

Navigate to your HR Dashboard and find your employee and select the employee to lock into their file.

Click the Employee Tile and select Employee Summary from the Employee Maintenance drop-down menu.

Click on the Employee ID.

Check under contact Info/Email to make sure that an email address is listed for the employee.  If not, you need to add an email address and then save your changes.

When your changes have been saved, it will take you back to the Employee Summary again, click on Emp ID to open the Summary again.

If an email is already listed, you can proceed to the next step.

Scroll down to Links to see if an email address has been linked to this employee.  If not, click in the select existing user box, start typing the email address,  if the email address appears, select the email, and click on Link User.

Because this employee already has roles assigned, the roles will appear after you click on Link User.

Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Quick User Add

If the user email does not come up, you need to complete the Quick User Add. Enter the email address under Username and select Yes to Send Welcome Email (this will send an email link to the employee to complete their password for self-service). Click on the dropdown arrow under Assign a Role to assign the role this employee should have.

Add the ESS SSO Username, (the employee ID) and click on Add User.

A Welcome email will be sent to the employee which will prompt them to complete their password change and log in.

You will receive a reminder to Link the new user to this employee.