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Annual Benefits Enrollment Setup

Annual Benefits Enrollment Setup

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Create New Plans / Update Existing Plans

You will need to make any and all changes that have occurred with your plans for your New Plan Year enrollments.

If your plans/carriers have changed drastically, create your new plans for the coming year by adding new plans.

If not much has changed, it will be easiest to clone your plans from the current year and make the needed edits to the cloned copy.

From you HR Dashboard click the Benefits Tile

From the dropdown menu select Plan / Policy

To add a new Plan:

Click the ‘New’ button and fill in the information.

To Copy and Edit an Existing Plan:

From you HR Dashboard click the Benefits Tile

From the dropdown menu select Plan / Policy

To add a new Plan click the New button and fill in the information.

Click the ‘Clone’ button to make a copy of an existing plan. Then re-name it and make the needed updates for the coming year.

Click on the ‘Clone’ button.

Change the plan Name (Suggested Format:  YYYY Plan Name). Update the Plan Details. Change the Start & End Date for the plan.

Add or change Notes if using them, review your Waiting Rules and Eligibility Groups for any changes that need to be made.  Attach any Documents that you want included with the plan.

Review and make any needed changes to your Rates/Rate Structure.

If your payroll deduction codes have changed, you will need to change them on the plans also.

Click Save Changes when you are done.

Complete the steps above for each plan that needs changes for the next benefit plan year.

Setup New Plan Year Open Enrollment.

From your HR Dashboard click the 'Benefits' tile and select 'Open Enrollment Setup' from the 'Benefits' dropdown menu.

Click on the '+New' button in the Open Enrollments window.

You can also make a clone of a previous year's Annual Open Enrollment and update the information for the upcoming year. Click on the Annual Open Enrollment that you already have setup to open it and change/add the needed information for your Annual Open Enrollment. Be sure to rename the cloned copy and update it to reflect the correct year. Click the 'Save Changes' button when you are done.

Setup Open Enrollment Notifications

There are three notifications for Open Enrollment. They are Open Enrollment Start Date, Open Enrollment End Date, and Open Enrollment Complete.

These notifications will not be sent unless they are marked as Active Yes.

From your HR Dashboard click the 'HR Admin' tab and select 'Notifications' under the 'Communication' menu.

The 'Notifications' window will open.

Type 'enroll' in the filter window and click the 'Funnel' button to show the notifications regarding enrollments.

Click on 'Standard - Standard Events'

You will see a list of notifications.

Select the notifications you want to use and be sure they are set to 'Yes' in the 'Active' column.

Open Enrollment Start Date Notification

Click the Open Enrollment Start Date notification to open it for edits.

Set the Status to Active / Yes.

In the Recipients box under Include Target / Employee select Yes.

In the Delivery box, Select Deliver by Email to Yes.

Below that, set Deliver In-App Message to Yes if you want, but this is optional.

Next, Select the Days and Timing. Add the number of days before target date or mark On Target Date.

In the Form Template window you can create the message you want to be sent as the notification. You can personalize the message with the Company Name, Open Enrollment Name, Start Date, and End Date. Add your subject line and any information that you want sent to your employees in the Body and click on Save Changes.

Open Enrollment End Date Notification

From the Notifications window, click the Open Enrollment End Date notification to open it.

Follow the same steps as above.

Open Enrollment Complete Notification

Click the Open Enrollment Complete Notification from the Notifications window to open it for edits.

In the Recipients box, select Yes under Include Target / Employee to add members of HR or other departments.

In the Include Other Groups box, under Employees click on the Users dropdown menu and select all the email addresses that you want to receive the notification.

Select your delivery method.

In the Form Template window add your Subject line and any information you want in the Body window to create your notification message. Click on Save Changes.

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