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Signature Pages or Custom Forms Assignments

Signature Pages or Custom Forms Assignments

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In this article you will learn how to assign your Custom Forms and Signature Pages to your Reviews.

Written Instructions

From your HR Dashboard click the Employee tile.

Select Custom Form from the dropdown menu.

Click on the ‘+Assign Employee to Documents’ button.

Click on Process Type.

The icon will give an explanation of Custom Forms and Signature Page PDF processes. Click the icon a second time to close the information box.

Click on the dropdown arrow under Process Type and select either Signature Page PDF or Custom Form to be assigned for signature.

Click on the Custom Form drop down arrow and select the Custom Form or Signature Page PDF that you want to send.

In the example below, we have selected Signature Page PDF and we are selecting a PDF Document to attach the Review Summary for the employee Signature.

Click on ‘Save and proceed to Step 2.’

The Assign Employees to Custom Form/PDF Employee List Builder will open.

You have the option of selecting 1 employee/all employees/employees in a specific position/ employees in a specific division/ employees in a specific department.

Below, we are assigning a specific employee to a Signature Page PDF.

Click on the ‘Load Builder List to Selected’ button.  This will add the employee/employees to the Selected Employees list

Click on the  ‘Assign Form to Selected Employees’ button.

You will be taken back to the Custom Form/PDF Signature Service page. Here you can see the assigned form, the date it was assigned and the status of the form.

The employee will receive an email notification similar to the example below.

When the employee logs into their profile/My HR, they will see the form that is waiting for their signature.

When the employee clicks on Open/Sign, they will be able to open the document to review it and then E-Sign the document and Save and Submit.

The employee will see that the status of the form is Submitted.

If the employee navigates back to their My HR Dashboard, they will not see the form under My assigned Custom Forms anymore.

When the form has been submitted, you will receive an Admin Notification email.

From your HR Dashboard, you will see the submitted form waiting for approval. Click on Open/Approve.

You can see the Signature and Date it was signed. Download the document if needed and Approve or Reject the Form

When you have Approved or Rejected the form, you will see that the Status has changed.

Click on the Integrity Data HRP logo to navigate back to your HR Dashboard.

You will see that there are no open document signing requests now.

The employee will receive an email notification letting them know the form has been approved.

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Last Review: 04/21/2022

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