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HR and Payroll for Business Central

Assisted Setup Wizard

Payroll NOW by Integrity Data provides an ‘Assisted Setup’ that walks new users through the Payroll NOW by Integrity Data Setup Process. This simplifies and accelerates the setup process for the end-user.

Step 1: Select’ Search Icon’ and enter ‘Assisted.’ Select ‘Assisted Setup’

Step 2: Select ‘Set up Payroll NOW’

Step 3: The Payroll NOW by Integrity Data wizard pops up. Click ‘Next’

Step 4: “Choose Country” select ‘US’ from the drop-down. Click ‘Next’

Step 5: “Do you want to create a Payroll Permission Set and a Payroll Role Center?”

  • Set ‘Yes we do’ to true – Toggle Switch will fill in and move to the right
  • Click ‘Next”

Step 6: “Specify New or Existing No. Series to Use”

  • By default, all No. Series will

    • Example – Using detail below, the first Employee Number will be EM10001, then sequenced after that
  • Click ‘Next’

Step 7: “Create Default Codes for the Following Payroll Types”

  • By default, all options should be set to True
  • Click ‘Next’

Step 8: “Do You Have Local Taxes?”

  • Set ‘Yes we do’ to true
  • Click ‘Next’

Step 9: “Do You Have State Income Tax?”

  • Set ‘Yes, we do – One State’ to True
  • Click ‘Next’

Step 10: “Please Indicate in Which State You Operate”

  • In ‘Primary State Abbreviation’ select ‘CA’ from the drop-down menu
  • Enter ‘Primary State Tax ID Number’ of 123456789
  • Click ‘Next’

Step 11: “Please Select Pay Cycle Periods Applicable for Your Company”

  • Set ‘Weekly’ to True
  • Set ‘Semimonthly’ to True
  • Click ‘Next’