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National Crime Search (NCS) – Background Check

Integrity Data HRP allows you to do background screening as part of your New Hire Onboarding process. We have partnered with National Crime Search to allow you to have peace of mind and do your due diligence when hiring new talent.

Here is a short video about National Crime Search: Watch Video

To take advantage of this service, you will first need to create an account with National Crime Search through the Integrity Data HRP portal page, which can be found by clicking here or typing into your browser.

Employers that hold an account with NCS can initiate a background check on new employees through the Integrity Data Onboarding process or from the Employee Summary.

HR Admin have access to turn this on by going to the HR Admin tab and selecting User List from the Company menu.

Search for the user that you want to be able to utilize NCS Drug Screening and select and open their file from the user list. Using the filter will shorten the list and make it quicker to find the user you want.

After opening the user’s file, you can scroll down to the National Crime Search (NCS) window in the Integration section and select Yes. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Go to your HR dashboard and click the Hiring Tile. Select Onboarding Dashboard from the Onboarding menu. The Onboarding Dashboard will open. Select the new employee.

Click on the National Crime Search icon to initiate the screening.