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Background Screening

Integrity Data HRP allows you to do background screening as part of your New Hire Onboarding process. We have partnered with National Crime Search to allow you to have peace of mind and do your due diligence when hiring new talent.

Here is a short video about National Crime Search: Watch Video

To take advantage of this service, you will first need to create an account with National Crime Search through the Integrity Data HRP portal page, which can be found by clicking here or typing into your browser.

Once you have an account with National Crime Search through ID HRP, you will be able to add background searches to your Onboarding Task Lists by toggling "Yes" to "Include Background Check Authorization." The default setting in ID HRP is "No" so you will need to edit any existing Onboarding Task Lists to activate this feature.

Once you have toggled "Yes" in the Onboarding Task List, your new prospective employees will receive a background screening authorization form allowing National Crime Search to perform the searches you select for each individual.

After the new prospect has completed and submitted the authorization form, National Crime Search will notify you by email that you have a New Applicant in the system. You will log in to your National Crime Search account through the web address above. The New Applicant will be listed, and you will be able to order the types of searches you want for each new hire.

Results for any searches you have ordered will be available online through your account with National Crime Search. This information will not be transferred to your Integrity Data HRP system.

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Last Review: 02/02/2023

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