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HR and Payroll for Business Central

Bonus Calculations Formulas for Gross Up Bonus and Regular Bonus

Sample Bonus $2000.00

Sample Fed Withholding: 22%

Open the Full Payroll Menu

Navigate to ‘Payroll Calc. Formula’

Gross Up Bonus Calculation Configuration

Step 1: Create a New Formula ‘GROSSUP” and give it a description

Step 2: To edit, go to ‘Setup’ and ‘Lines’

Step 3: Add the Fixed Amount and Percentage

Regular Bonus Calculation Configuration:

Step 1: IF you already have a regular Bonus created, you can copy and create a duplicate copy. Rename it and give it a new name and description.


You can also create from scratch as we did with the Gross Up calculation.

Step 2: Add the new name

Step 3: Add a description

Step 4: Select the Line and go to ‘Setup’ and ‘Lines’ to edit

Step 5: Remove all that do not apply (see example below)

The final should look like the calculation below:

Step 6: Navigate to the Full Payroll Menu and select ‘Payroll Processing’

Step 7: Create a new document by selecting ‘+New’

Step 8: In the Payroll Processing window, click on ‘Suggest Lines’. Select ‘Employee No.’ and ‘Pay Cycle Period’

Step 9: Select the proper calculation from the Payroll Calculations menu

Gross Up Results:

Regular Bonus Results: