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Clear Data

Global Settings > Clear Data

You have the option of clearing unnecessary data from your system with one click of a button. The
Clear Data page holds several key interest points.

  • Account: The name of the account from which the data will be cleared
  • Setup: Checking this box will clear all data from your system to include:
    • Health plan information
    • Employee information
    • Company setup information
    • Standard and Initial Measurement settings
    • Year End information to include all 1094-C and 1095-C forms and IRS Filing information
  • Employee: Checking this box will clear all data pertaining to employees. You cannot delete
    employee information without also deleting year end information and all of the employee
  • Year End: Checking this box will clear year end data. Before clearing year end information, be
    sure to create and download all relevant retention packages.
  • Year: Choose the year from which you wish to clear data

Clicking the “Clear Data” button will delete all information for the chosen account name and
additional information chosen by the user.
Deleting all information will not delete user or user role information.

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