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Company Documents

From your HR Dashboard, click the ‘Company’ tile.

Select ‘Company Documents’ from the ‘Company’ dropdown menu.

As an HR Admin, you will see all the company documents that have been uploaded. You can change the sort order by clicking on the header above each column.  You can see who uploaded the document and on what date.  You can also see if the document is published to the employee or manager.  If the document is marked ‘No’ under ‘Publish to Employee’ or ‘Publish to Manager’, the employee and/or manager will not be able to see the document.

You can download the documents from the ‘Company Documents’ menu if needed. You can also upload documents here.

To download the employees’ documents, click on the ‘Download’ button. This will download all documents listed.

To upload documents, click the ‘+Add Documents’ button.

Drag and drop your document or click on the ‘Browse’ button to add your document. When the document is uploaded it will appear in the ‘Temporarily Uploaded Documents’ window. Once you are done uploading, click the ‘Save Documents’ button.

Select ‘Yes’ under ‘Publish to Employee’ if you want the employees to see the document. Remember to mark ‘No’ under ‘Publish to Manager’ if you do not want the manager to see the document. Please be aware that ‘Publish to Manager’ will be marked ‘Yes’ by default.

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Last Review: 10/03/2022

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