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The Affordable Care Act has placed new emphasis on the need to determine when and if related
organizations must be treated as a single employer for purposes of meeting various ACA requirements.
Simply setting up different companies under separate tax ID numbers does not relieve related
employers from being treated as a single employer under controlled group rules.

The ACA Compliance Solution when purchased as Multi Entity allows commonly controlled groups and
affiliated groups to report as a single entity. This option will allow you to choose which companies will
be consolidated for reporting and tracking purposes.

If you need to consolidate multiple companies into a single reporting entity, you just need to set up a
common Control Group ID and associate the different companies to this Control Group ID.

To create a group click “Add New Control Group” and specify a Control Group ID and Company. You
may delete a group by clicking “delete”. We have as an example below COMBINED as a common
Control Group ID.

A good practice is to set up a single Control Group ID for each company. This way, you will be able
to track and report on either a combined basis or for each individual company. In the example above each
company has its own control group but each company also belongs to a common control group
(COMBINED). This allows the user to report on each company separately or as a combine group.

Control Group ID: Input a Group ID

Company ID: Select the company name from the drop down. This list is populated form the companies
you have already set up in Company Setup.

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