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HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR and Payroll for Business Central

Create the Holiday Calendar

Step1: Go to Full Payroll Menu

Step 2: Under ‘Setup’, Click On  ‘Payroll Setup’

Step 3: In the section “General” click On ‘Allow Manual Holidays’ = ON

Step 4: Update “_REGULAR” Payroll Calc Formula:

  • Go To ‘Full Payroll Menu’
  • Under  ‘Setup,’ click  ‘Payroll Calc Formulas’

Step 5: Select:  “_REGULAR”

  • Click ‘Setup’
  • Click ‘Lines’

Step 6: Make sure you have a line for HOLIDAY as follows:

Step 7: In Business Central, click on the search icon in the top-right corner

Step 8: Search for ‘Payroll Calendar’

Step 9: Click on the link for ‘Payroll Calendar List’