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Customizing Application Versions

As part of the Applicant Tracking setup process, you have the ability to create multiple versions of commonly used applications. Here we explain how to create and customize application versions so they will be ready for your next job posting.

Watch a tutorial video about Customizing Application Versions

Accessing Application Versions

Start from the HR Dashboard.

Click on the Hiring tile.

You will see a dropdown list for Applicant Tracking and Onboarding.

Click on “Application Version” in the Applicant Tracking dropdown menu.

The Application Version screen will show the current applications. You may create a new application and/or clone an existing application.

Creating a New Application Version

Create New Application by clicking the green +New button and complete fields then click Save.

OR You may choose to clone an existing field if the new application is similar.

Cloning an Existing Application

To Clone an Application click on the copy icon to the left of the application you want to clone.

You will see a pop-up box. Click Yes to clone the application.

Now you will see the Cloned Application and you can edit to make changes.

Click on the Cloned Application to open and edit it.

You will see:

Change the Title, Description, and Version Date if needed.

Remember to click Save Changes if you need to stop before you finish your editing so you don’t lose your work. Each time you Save Changes, you will be taken back to the Application Version window. Click on the application that you are working with to open it again.

Change Keywords if needed.

To see detailed information about a field click the Information icon when available. To close pop-up window, click on icon again.

If you want to add any questions, click the arrow/drop box under “Choose Question and LINK to this application” and select the question you want to add.

After you have selected the question you want to add click on “Link Question”.

You will see a pop-up box letting you know that your question has been linked.