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HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

Custom Forms

About Custom Forms

Access Custom Forms under Employee Maintenance.

  • The Custom Form page is comprised of two concepts:
    • Custom Form Service
    • PDF Signature Page Service
  • The Custom Form page is used to assign and track both concepts.
  • Both are considered add-on services and extra charges may apply.

Assign Employees to Custom Form/PDF

Step 1: Click the button to “Assign Employees to Documents” to begin assignment process

Step 2: Choose your “Process Type” and then the respective form/document depending on your Process Type.

  • Any (PDF) Company Document can be used in the PDF Signature Page Service.
  • The Custom Form selection comes from specialized documents that are custom created and authorized on your account for use.

Step 3: Once the document is selected, use the Employee List Builder to select group of employees where the document will be assigned for completion and e-Signatures.

  • Custom Forms are generally used to represent a PDF form on-screen, capture the input from the user, and then generate a real PDF document with the data output to the document along with capturing e-Signatures.
  • The PDF Signature Page Service has an option on the Company Document (PDF) to setup a custom message that will be shown to the user who is signing and output an appended page to the PDF document along with the e-Signature.