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Dashboard KPIs

This section appears as its own navigation element (Home Icon) with no submenu. It contains
management data pertaining to ACA application as a whole and conveys an overall “At-a-Glance Status”
of the system. Many of the dashboard KPIs make use of the transactions uploaded to the system. It is
recommended that you refresh the dashboard after the latest transactions have been uploaded.

Key Performance Indicator Tiles

The ACA Compliance Solution can be tracked using the included KPIs which are described below:


This KPI shows how many new or updated alerts have been added since the last refresh. The “view
alerts” button takes you directly to the alert log.

Percentage of Employees Covered

This KPI shows which employees are considered covered for health insurance, expressed as a
percentage of the overall workforce.

Number of FTEs without Coverage

This KPI indicates how many employees are considered Full Time (and hence eligible for coverage) but
are currently without coverage. Clicking on the “view report” button will take you directly to the report.

Minimum Essential Coverage Cost indicator

This KPI displays a dollar figure which represents the cost of coverage for the employer. It is calculated
by adding the cost of each plan offered ($ amount from Benefit codes entered in last transaction
upload; if 0 was uploaded then this display will not function) divided by the number of employees for
the last month of the transactions uploaded.

Days Remaining

This KPI displays a number representing the number of days remaining in the current administrative
period for the ongoing standard measurement period. This essentially allows the user to know how
much time remains before coverage needs to be in place for all employees eligible to receive it. When
this period ends the next stability period is set to being. For reference, the name of the standard
measurement period record being measured is displayed in bold. More information about the period
can be obtained in ACA Setup > Standard Measurement Period.

Note: If two admin periods are occurring at the same time, this window will show the soonest to
expire. If there are no current administration periods running, then it will default to days remaining in
SMP that is ongoing.

Reference and Contact Columns

The information at the bottom of the screen is for reference and communication purposes. It allows
for quick access to the latest information pertaining to the ACA Compliance Solution. Various contact
information and communication options exist, including traditional methods and social media. The blog
column provides a way to stay abreast of the latest information pertaining to ACA as a whole.

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