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Delete all Viewable Records

The “Delete all viewable records” button will remove all employees from the system that are filtered
and shown on all pages.

Make sure that you are filtering everything correctly. This will not only delete what you can
see on your screen, this will delete ALL RECORDS on ALL PAGES that have been filtered into
the grid.

For example, the results below have been filtered to include ALL Part Time employees. When “Delete
all viewable records” is clicked, pages 1-10 (59 items) will be removed from the system – to include IRS
filing activity.

Before the records are deleted, a confirmation is displayed.

Deleting employee records will delete ALL transactions and IRS Filing activity/1095-C forms for
those employees. Keep this in mind when deleting all viewable records in the employee grid.
Make sure to look at the record count in the grid to verify that you are deleting the number of
employees you would like to delete.
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