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Dynamics GP HR and Payroll Changes: Live Q&A Recording

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From March of 2022 onward, customers using Payroll Extensions, Advanced Payroll, Advanced HR, and PTO Manager will no longer receive them from Microsoft. Instead, you will need to obtain these solutions directly from Integrity Data. We want to make sure you are ready before March 2023 to guarantee you don’t lose functionality and support around these HR and Payroll modules.

To help explain and make this process as seamless as possible, we have put together a short video series, along with the Q&A below. We recommend watching the recordings prior to watching this live webinar recording. Links to Episode 1 and 2 are below.

Episode 1: Debunking the Myths

Episode 2: Integrity Data Installation Success

During this Q&A, there were some questions around pricing that caused some confusion. We cut that part out to avoid causing further confusion, however, we have put together a document here to help provide clarity. If you have further questions about billing, contact our finance team,

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