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Withholding Certificate Setup Tab

This tab is for those who have moved to the new W4 form pictured below

Each employee will have three rows, one row for STEP 4A, B, & C. The Description, Operation, and Amount per Pay Period columns will correlate to the corresponding STEP.

COLUMN A) Payroll Employee No. – Use the same formatting as the other tabs. Each employee will have three rows even if there are zeros in all three rows in the Amount column.

COLUMN B) Tax Jurisdiction – This will always be FED for Federal Withholding.

COLUMN C) Starting Date – This will be the first day the employee worked.

COLUMN D) Section/Line – List the Step from their W4. Each employee will have four rows with one row for each of the following Section/Line entries: STEP 3 (this will be populated from the Federal Withholding Tab columns Federal Dependent 1&2), STEP4A, STEP4B, STEP4C.

COLUMN E) Description – This description is from the W4 and correlates with the STEP numbers.

COLUMN F) Amount – Populate this column with the dollar amount. If this is for STEP 4C, populate the field with the amount per pay period and ensure Column H “Amount Per Pay Period” is set to True.

COLUMN G) Operation – Choose from the dropdown menu. The options should be entered exactly as shown. These options are: Increase Wages, Decrease Wages, Increase Withholding Amt., Decrease Withholding Amt.

COLUMN H) Amount Per Pay Period – This column will be False if it is an annual withholding and True if it is per pay period. These fields must be filled in.