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Employee Data Configuration Template Introduction


Welcome to Integrity Data! We are here to make your transition to our solution as smooth as possible. To help with importing your historical payroll data, we have created the Employee Data Configuration Template. The template is an Excel spreadsheet where you will gather all your payroll information so we can import it into your new software environment. This guide will discuss the different tabs of the template and alert you to any tricky details that tend to cause problems.

The Employee Data Configuration Template has tabs for general Payroll Employee information, Salary, Federal Withholdings, Withholding Certificate, State Withholding, and Local Taxes. Some of the fields in these tabs have no specific formatting requirements while others do. For the fields with requirements, it is vital that those requirements are followed so that the information is imported correctly. Please be aware that it is the customer’s responsibility to be sure these fields are filled in correctly. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding those requirements.

Much of the template includes Personally Identifiable Information of your organization’s employees. It is important to protect this PII. We use DeliverySlip as a secure, encrypted means of communication. Your Implementation Specialist will provide you with information on how to use DeliverySlip to communicate with us. Do not email any questions or attachments with PII without using DeliverySlip. Protecting this sensitive information is very important to us. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Last Review: 06/20/2023

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