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Employee Data Validations for Tax Filing Services

Employee Data Validations for Tax Filing Services

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Currently, the employee data validation process is not run automatically when tax liabilities are released periodically. Integrity Data recommends that employee data validations be run prior to each periodic release to ensure accurate tax filing data. Missing social security numbers, last names and addresses cause issues with tax filing and cause costly delays and penalties.

The employee validations cover basic tax filing data, such as last name and SSN, and make sure things are populated when they need to be. Once the initial employee validation is run, only updates to employees are validated from that point forward.

Click “Validate Employees for Tax Filing.” The following prompt will appear. You can navigate away and continue working while the validation takes place. Click Yes to continue.

To see the progress of the validation, navigate to “Employee Validate Results.” You’ll see that the validation process has begun. Once completed, you’ll see any errors associated with the data in the error list. Errors are shown here from only the current validation process.

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