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Employee PTO Hours Adjustment


Employee PTO Hours Adjustment

  • Payroll Processing>PTO Management>PTO Hours Journal

  • Enter the Posting Date. (NOTE: This is the date the hours will be added or removed from the employee’s PTO Hours).
  • Enter the Employee No. or select one from the drop-down menu.
  • Pay Cycle will default.
  • Select the Pay Cycle Period from the drop-down menu.
  • The Pay Cycle Period End Date will automatically populate.
  • Select the Earnings Code from the drop-down menu (only earnings codes set up to be available as PTO Hours will be available in the drop-down).
  • Enter the HOURS. (NOTE: Entering a negative will decrease the employee PTO Hours).

  • Select Post or Actions>Posting>Post

  • Will receive Pop up box asking, “Do you want to post journal entries?”. Select Yes.
  • Select Ok when receiving the final message that “The journal lines were successfully posted.

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