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Execute PTO Hours Carryover

Estimated reading time: 7 min

Step 1: Open PTO Hours Journal, select ‘Actions’ > ‘Functions’ > ‘Accruals Carryover

Step 2: ‘Edit PTO Carryover’ screen opens

Step 3: Enter a ‘Date’ and then enter a ‘PTO Carryover Date Range’ or ‘Date Formula’

  • The ‘Date’ will determine how the ‘PTO Carryover Date Range’ formula will calculate the hours to carryover. For example, if you set a date of ‘12/31’2018’ and enter a ‘PTO Carryover Date Range’ of ‘1d’ then all hours that are calculated to have accrued on the day of 12/31/2018 will be carried over.

Step 4: In ‘