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Expense Management

Custom Expense Types

From the HR Dashboard, click the ‘Expenses’ tile.

Select ‘Custom Expense Type’ from the ‘Expense Management’ dropdown menu.

There are 8 expense types preloaded in the system for use, or create new expense types as needed.

To create a new Expense Type, click the ‘New’ button from the Custom Expense Types menu and fill in the fields as needed. Remember to click ‘Save Changes’ when you are done. Your new Expense Type will be added to the Custom Expense Types menu.

Delete any prebuilt Expense Types that won’t be used by clicking the red trashcan button.

Another option is to leave them in the system but make them inactive. To do this, select the expense type to open it and select ‘No’ to ‘Active’ under ‘Type Status’.

Submitting Expenses

To submit an expense, the employee will click on ‘My HR’ at the top of their HR Dashboard and select ‘My Expense Details’ from the ‘My Expenses’ dropdown menu.

Click on the ‘New’ button.

The ‘Expense Detail’ window will open where the employee can complete the required information.

To upload receipts, browse or drag and drop the receipt file and then click on ‘I’m done entering my receipts’.

Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

An email will be sent to the employee’s supervisor to let them know that they have a Pending Expense Report to approve.

Approving Expenses

The supervisor will lock in on the employee’s file by typing their name in the employee search bar on their HR Dashboard.

Next, the supervisor will click on ‘Manager Services’ and select ‘Expense Report’ under the ‘Expense Management’ dropdown menu.

The submitted expense will show on the screen as Pending.

The supervisor can click the pending expense to open it.

Next, they can add notes and change the ‘Status’ to ‘Approved’ or ‘Denied’.

The supervisor can review the receipts by clicking on ‘Download’ under ‘Expense Detail Receipts’.

They will fill in the ‘Total Expense Amount’ field.

To link the expense to an expense report, the supervisor will select the report and click the ‘Link Expense’.

After linking the expense, the ‘Total Expense Amount’ will appear in the box.

The link can be removed by clicking on the trashcan icon.

Click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

The expense ‘Status’ is now ‘Approved’ and the ‘Amount’ is filled in.

The employee will receive an email notifying them that their expense has been approved.

Running Expense Reports

To reimburse the employee, the supervisor will run the expense report to submit for reimbursement.

First, the supervisor will click ‘Manager Services’ from their HR Dashboard.

Next, they will select ‘Quick Report Writer’ under the ‘Other’ heading.

Select ‘Existing Saved Report’ if one was saved previously, or select ‘Expense