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HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

Export from GP to HR – NEW RELEASE 2/2023

When you choose to export to HR, your organization’s Paystub and W2 information is uploaded from Payroll as PDF files and is made available in the HR system.

You will choose the location for these PDF files during setup. This should be a secure location only accessible by the system user who is processing your payroll.

For paystubs, the Payroll system creates a PDF as the checks are printed. At the end of the posting process in GP, they are sent to the HR system and removed from the folder location you selected in the directory.

The process is similar for W2s. The system will create a PDF of the W2 information when the user selects the ‘Upload W2 to HR’ feature. At the end of the uploading process, the files will be available in the HR system and the PDF will be removed from the directory.

To see a check stub prior to the integration, your payroll department will need to go to “GP Check History” and reprint from there.

As an Administrator, you can set up your system to send Payroll, W2, and Benefits information from GP to the HR system.

To do this, Click on the tab "Microsoft Dynamics GP" and scroll down to Tools>Setup>Payroll>HRP Setup.

This will open the HRP Setup Window

From here you can set up the Benefit Deduction Frequency to either drive from Benefit and Deduction setups or from the Primary Pay Code. This will default Benefit Deduction setups if the employee does not have a Primary Pay Code.

You can also activate Pay Summary Export to HR and W2 Summary Export to HR by checking the "Active" box in these sections.

Once active, you will select separate working directory locations for each of these where the system will create and work on files during processing.

This location will contain sensitive information and should be in a protected area that can only be accessed by the Payroll Department.

After you have the information entered and set up the way you want, click the 'OK' button.

Uploading W2 to HR

In Dynamics GP, Navigate to the Routines>Payroll>Upload W-2 to HR window.

Select the year to upload after the Year-End processing has been completed.

Click 'Upload to HR'

Note: This process may take several minutes depending on the number of forms.

The message below will let you know when the process is finished:

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Last Review: 2/9/2022

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