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HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

HR and Payroll for Dynamics GP

Feature Manager Window Explained

This is your one stop shop to access new features when you need them! Use this window as your master control to all Integrity Data features, updates, notices, and new stuff.

How do I find the Feature Manager Window?

  • Navigation:  Tools>setup>system>Integrity Data Feature Manager

Where do I find customer account information?

  • The information fields at the top of the window shows your current site name and MSGP account number – these have to match our account info in order for features to register correctly
  • Account ID is your ID cloud connector ID with us

How do I know what version has been installed in my environment?

  • The Installed Version shows the current version that is installed; the latest available version fields shows what latest available version is compatible with your version of GP.
  • Note for customizations that it is prudent to check with us to ensure that your custom code is compatible with the upgraded version prior to completing the upgrade.
  • You can use the Upgrade version on the top toolbar to upgrade to the most recent Standard version of our code – this does not function with our Standard PLUS installer that includes the Payroll Extensions, Advance HR or Advanced Payroll – customers who require these features will still be required to download and run the install process for these.

How will I know what features are Active after I complete the install?

  • Current features will register as active = Yes if your account at Integrity Data indicates they are active as a product

I am using features included in Payroll Extensions and/or PTO Manager, Advanced Payroll and Advanced HR.  They are not showing as active.  How do we turn these on?

  • These are added as a bundle on your account with us and will need to be turned to YES by you as the customer or by your partner.
  • Select the feature you require by selecting ‘Yes’ from the Active field drop down list. Then in the Company scrolling window below select the company(s) that will be using this feature.
  • You must be registered with Integrity Data to turn these features on – if you are a legacy customer with an annual enhancement plan with MS we will set you up the same way, your renewal date will not change and the amount will stay the same.

How do I turn on a new feature?

  • Change the value in the Active column to YES for the Feature name you wish to add
  • Select the company in the list below the feature list and mark the Enable checkbox
  • Save the window and accept the Billing changes message
  • Log out of GP and log back in – the feature is now available
  • Active features that have been enabled without an expiry date will be considered as a monthly subscription license and subject to the guidelines of our Subscription billing model (see next question)

How does the Integrity Data Subscription Billing work?

  • Subscription customers pay a $25 per month base fee plus a per employee, per month fee
  • Individual features are billed based on the number of employees that received a payroll transaction within the billing month
  • Fees are different depending on the feature. For pricing details refer to the Pricing Matrix at the end of this document.
  • Billing Month runs from the 1st to the last day
  • If you have legacy features and want to add a new feature it will be added as a monthly subscription
  • Security to this window is important – especially for subscription customers as once a feature is turned on and enabled in a production company it will be subject to billing charges

Why do some of my active features have an expiry date and others do not?

  • Customers can have both legacy and monthly subscription
  • If there is an expiry date visible then this feature is licensed with our Legacy license model
  • This expiry date shows your enhancement renewal date. There is no expiration date for monthly subscriptions
  • Important: Feat