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FMLA & All Unpaid Leave

Configuration > ACA Setup > Unpaid Leave

This page allows you to track FMLA absences in order to not penalize the employee for not having
performed services during this period. This window also is used for any unpaid leave that hours are not
tracked such as Jury Duty & Military Deployments. If an employee takes FMLA and is being tested
within a measurement period, these entries will automatically be factored into the calculations.

When reporting for testing periods, both standard and initial measurement, the calculation looks for
entries in this table to see if there was an absence where the employee needs to be credited hours for
that period of time. The system will calculate the total number of hours of service during that period,
calculate the number of days during the period that were not FMLA and divide those days into the total
hours. This gets an average hours per day worked. We will then multiple that average by the number
of days during the testing period they were on FMLA. That will credit them their average hours as if
they had worked.

If an employee is out on FMLA for the entire year but has Health coverage, you will need to upload
benefit codes for the 12 months that they are absent as well as hours of service per month. This FMLA
window does not apply for such a scenario because there are no hours for the system to calculate the
average hours worked per day.

To create an FMLA entry, select an employee ID from the drop down box. The system will display any
FMLA records which currently exist. A record simply consists of a start and ending date representing
the time an employee was on FMLA. You may create more than one date range to represent multiple
periods of FMLA leave. To delete a given record simply click the delete button for the appropriate row

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