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Government Entities

Configuration > ACA Setup > Government Entities

This page allows you to create one or more government entity records. Such records are only needed if
your company is associated with such an entity for reporting purposes. The government entity
information will appear on the 1094-C form, if it is specified here AND you have marked the
Government Entity checkbox in Company Setup with the Entity ID selected in the drop down.

Select an entity from the Entity ID drop down or select to create new. You will then be presented with
the existing entity data or have the option to define it for a new entity. Click “save” to save the record
and “delete” to remove the entity. Clicking “clear” will undo changes and cancel the operation,
returning you to the page as if you first arrived.

Field Information

The following fields are part of the record information. Additional detail provided in parenthesis

  • Entity ID
  • Entity Name (appears on 1094-C)
  • EIN (appears on 1094-C)
  • Phone Number (appears on 1094-C)
  • Address1 (appears on 1094-C)
  • Address2 (appears on 1094-C)
  • City (appears on 1094-C)
  • State (appears on 1094-C)
  • Zip (appears on 1094-C)
  • Country (appears on 1094-C)
  • First Name (Will be combined with Middle, Last, and Suffix for 1094-C)
  • Middle Name (Will be combined with First, Last, and Suffix for 1094-C)
  • Last Name (Will be combined with First, Middle, and Suffix for 1094-C)
  • Suffix (Will be combined with First, Middle, and Last for 1094-C)Page 69 | 189

If you are part of a larger government unit and are reporting on your entity you will need to
associate yourself with the larger designated government entity. In doing so, you will only be required to
submit your information and the designated government entity will be required to include your totals in
Part III and IV of their 1094-C submission. An example of this scenario is a State agency who processes and
reports their payroll separately. The State of Illinois will be required to include the employee total count
information in their 1094-C. In this case, when you check the Government Entity box in the ACA Company
Setup, the system will fill in the State of Illinois information from the Government Entity window onto Part
I, line 9-16, of the 1094-C.
Once you have created your government entity, be sure to go back to your company setup and
attach the government entity to the company

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