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Track FMLA Using the ACA Compliance Solution


Q: Where in your system do I track FMLA and other Unpaid Leaves?
A:  If an employee is on any Unpaid Leave for an extended period of time, you will need to enter those days on the Unpaid Leave page in configuration on the Cloud.


You will look up the employee ID then, select Add new record.

Select the type of Unpaid Leave in the drop down box. You will enter the start date and end date (if known) then, select UPDATE. If the employee has accrued PTO time and uses it for part of the absence, then the start date will be the day after the PTO ends.


Q:  How do I track Intermittent FMLA? The employee had a shoulder injury and now they are attending therapy 1 hour three times a day?
A:   You will need to enter a transaction for intermittent FMLA if the absence is unpaid.  If you paid the employee, then the payroll transactions will track this time. You can add unpaid intermittent FMLA absences to your import file before importing for the month or pay period they were on intermittent FMLA.  The rate would be entered as $0.00 and then hours would be entered as the amount of time they used for FMLA.  You will also enter the start/end date as the day they took the FMLA.


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