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HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR Dashboard Overview – Company Tile

The HR Dashboard has six tiles to help with navigation. The Company tile contents are listed below.


Company Setup


Home – takes you to your HR Dashboard home page
Home Dashboard setup – setup of what you want to see on your Admin dashboard and what you want employees to see in self-service
Announcements – create company announcements that will be displayed on each employee’s home dashboard
Company Directory – directory of all Employees with contact information
Company Documents – company information and integration options. New Hire/Onboarding preferences/benefits settings/reason for posting/default applicant security role/Employee self-service role/company logo
Company List – shows all the companies you have and how they are set up, can make, and save changes from here also
IP Restriction – add IP address to whitelist
Organization Chart – view company organizational chart
Security Role View – view employees with their security roles
User List – view user list, add user, activate/inactivate user, assign to company if more than one
Version History – shows release notes from version upgrades

Company Setup

Achievement – add achievement types and active/inactivate them
Certificate – add certification types and active/inactivate them
Citizenship – add citizenship types and active/inactivate them
Class – add class with title/instructor/duration/time/location/credits to enroll employee into a class
Compensation Change Reason – add compensation change reasons, activate/inactive reason
EEO – view list of EEO types, activate/inactive type
Employment – view, add, activate/inactive employment type
Ethnicity – view, add, activate/inactive ethnicity type
Frequency – view, add, activate/inactive pay frequency
License – view, add, activate/inactive license types
Note Type – view, add, activate/inactive note types
Pay Grade – view, add, activate/inactive pay grade types including pay range/minimum/midpoint/maximum
Pay Group – view, add, activate/inactive pay group
Position – view, add, activate/inactive positions
Position/Org Change Reason – view, add, activate/inactive position change reasons
Rate – view, add, activate/inactive rate types
Review – view, add, activate/inactive employee reviews, including scheduling/review instructions, attach company documents, add review questions from question bank
Review question – add review questions, activate/inactivate
Shift – view/add shift type with rate/add to rate/rate multiple, activate/inactivate
Skill – view/add skill type, activate/inactivate
Status – a view/dd status type, (active/terminated etc.) activate/inactivate
Termination Reason – view/add termination reason, activate/inactivate
Time Off – if you want to use this function, it DOES NOT FEED to PAYROLL, but you can download in excel and upload to Payroll
Union – view/add union type, activate/inactivate
Work Comp – view/add work comp types, activate/inactivate

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Last Review: 02/24/2022

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