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HR Dashboard Overview – Hiring Tile

The HR Dashboard has six tiles to assist with navigation. The Hiring tile contents are listed below.


Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking

? Question Bank – Add/Remove/Activate/Inactivate/update/set sequence of application questions
Status Setup – 12 Applicant Tracking Status workflows – set sequence for the workflow to the Applicant Tracking Dashboard
Form Setup – Applicant Tracking Certification Statements – Can create your own statements or use the sample statement provided
Application Version – Add/Clone/update application questions for specific positions
Job Posting – Add/Clone/update job postings for specific positions w/Req# and set to open/closed and yes/no to job board posting
App Tracking Dashboard – Review applications with status/stage of application and change status/stage of application


? Question Bank – Add/Remove/Activate/Inactivate/update/set sequence of application questions
Task List – List of jobs/positions – Complete setup of what to ask for during onboarding, including form signatures, (including custom forms), W4, link custom questions and add a welcome and completion note
I-9, Direct deposit
Onboard Prep – Choose the task list for the position, choose type of employee, (W-2, 1099 contractor) choose position title, hire date, and assign employee ID, compensation, benefits eligibility/position status, department,
Onboarding Dashboard – View employees that are being onboarded and what stage/status they are at in the process. Can send email if not completing the onboarding to get them to move along. When prep has been completed, will need to be reviewed and approved

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Last Review: 02/15/2022

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