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HR FAQ – Employee Review Notifications

Question: How can I set up reminder e-mails to go to employees who have reviews scheduled?

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From the HR Dashboard click the HR Admin Tab and select Notification from the Communications drop-down menu.

Click on “All Categories – No Filter Applied” to see a list of categories

Select Employee Review – Performance Reviews from the drop-down menu.

You will see a list of the possible notifications associated with Employee Reviews. Double click the “Review Date” notification to open it.

When the Review Date notification window opens, select Employee Yes, (Reports to 1,2,3, and Include Other Groups are optional too).  Then select Delivery and choose by E-Mail and/or Deliver by In-App Message.  Then select the number of days before target or on target.

Remember to review the information in the “Days” field to be sure you are setting up the notification date correctly. Clicking the information icon will open a window with more information. Click the icon again to close the window.

Remember to click “Save Changes” before you exit the Review Date window.

You also have the option to send the notification out multiple times, if needed by cloning the notification and setting different numbers of days for each notification.

To clone a notification, click on the clone button under “Actions”, change the number of days and target recipient as applicable. Save Changes before exiting.