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HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR and Payroll for Business Central

HR Order of Operations for Set Up

Essentials and Full Life Cycle Subscriptions


  • Step 1: Set security Roles – You need to make decisions on security roles. Be sure to review what each role can see and keep in mind that the BaseAdmin roll has access to everything in HR, including some company setup fields.
  • Step 2: Upload company documents (ex. Employee Handbook, health insurance forms and/or guides, noncompete agreement) and any other company document that you want sent for signature during Onboarding or after. Please be sure that any document that you want to send requesting a PDF Signature, must be uploaded as a PDF (a word document can’t be used for a signature) If a custom document is needed, additional charges may apply. Please send your document to your Implementation Specialist so they can get a quote for you.

Applicant Tracking

  • Step 3: Select/Change/Create application questions (can start with questions for currently open positions and finish setup at another time).
  • Step 4: Select/Change/Create Application Versions for each position (can start with currently open positions and finish setup at another time).
  • Step 5:Applicant Tracking Status Setup contains 15 prebuilt statuses with workflows. Client can change sequence (order of appearance) and client can add a new status if prebuilt tracking statuses does not meet their needs.
  • Step 6: There are 58 prebuilt notification workflows.  If more are needed, client can clone a notification that is like what is needed and customize the workflow to fit their requirements
  • Step 7: Create Job Posting


  • Step 8: Activate/inactivate or Change/Create Onboarding Questions in the Onboarding Question Bank
  • Step 9: Setup Onboarding Task List for each position, (can use same list for multiple positions)
  • Step 10: Review and Approve for Onboarding
  • Step 11: Prepare Employee for Onboarding
  • Step 12: Onboard an Employee

Compensation Change Reasons

  • Step 13: Review/Add/Change Compensation Change Reasons.

Terminate and Rehire

  • Step 14: Add/Change/Remove Termination reason
  • Step 15: Terminate and Rehire an Employee
  • Step 16: Re-Hire a Former Employee


  • Step 17: Notifications – Notifications are set to defaults. *Please Note, some of the defaults may need to be changed from the employee’s supervisor/manager to an HR staff member.*

Full Life Cycle Subscription Only


  • Step 18: Copy/Change/Create Benefit Classes
  • Step 19: Copy/Change/Create Carriers
  • Step 20: Copy/Change/Create Plan/Policy *Please note, age banded plans do not update automatically, this is a manual process *
  • Step 21: Review Life Event Reason, Change/Create any others needed
  • Step 22: Add Open Enrollment Types (New Hire, Status Change, Life Event)
  • Step 23: Review Waiting Rules, Change/Create any others needed