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Installation Overview

This section will discuss the prerequisites, list the files installed and go through the install process.


The prerequisite for Integrity Cloud Connector is:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll

Full functionality for Integrity Cloud Connector also requires:

  • Affordable Care Act Solution

Install Notes

Prior to installing complete the steps:

  • Confirm all users are logged out of Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Complete all payroll runs and validate no payroll runs are in process
  • Make a backup of the Company and Dynamics databases


To install Integrity Cloud Connector downloaded the exe file from our website. Once the files have been
downloaded, you can run them on the Server and/or Client Installations.

Complete the steps required at the Server and/or Client level to create the necessary Microsoft SQL
Server® Components. Creating the Microsoft SQL Server Components needs to be performed on a
single computer, typically the server.

1. Right click Integrity Data GP2015 or 2016 or 2018 Setup.exe file and select “Run as
Administrator”. If you do not see this option, hold the shift key down and right click.

2. Complete the steps in the wizard

3. Verify the GP directory is correct if it is not select Change

4. Select Custom to choose to install only the specific products you purchased.

5. Select Activation Components to only install activation manager files. This option will not install
products and it is typically run only to fix an error with activation manager.

6. Select All Components to install all Integrity Data products. The products you did not purchase
will register with a 30-day trial period.

If you are upgrading you will be prompted to uninstall the older version, select “y”. If you have
multiple products, it will uninstall all products.

7. Select the product(s) to install, if installing multiple products, select all that need to be installed.

8. Launch Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, 2016, 2018.

9. If prompted to include new code, choose yes.

10. Login as the ‘system administrator’ for each company to create the SQL Server components.

11. The system will auto activate the products you have purchased if you have access to the internet
on the machine. If you receive a message Activation Manager failed contact and include a screenshot of the Activation Manager window.

Integrity Cloud Connector

The ICC window allows the user to complete two main functions:

  1. Configure and save export settings as a