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Integrity Cloud Connector

1095-C Distribution Center

The ICC is a new feature for Dynamics for GP which provides functionality for migrating on-premise data
to an Integrity Data Cloud Tenant, or updating the cloud tenant with the latest on-premise data.
The utility allows for the export of the following types of data from Dynamics GP and in some cases
allows the user to specify whether a certain type of data originates with the Integrity Data ACA Solution
of the Microsoft Dynamics GP solution:

  • Employees
  • Transactions
  • ACA Data (1094-C)
  • ACA Date (1095-C)

The ICC is multi-company aware, allowing a user to export from more than one company without having
to login or re-login to each company in Dynamics GP. The connector also supports the creation of export
profiles, which are a collection of export setting that define how the update/communication will occur
for a given export event.

The ICC connector is accessible from a single main window and a series of configuration screens (options
windows) for each exportable data type. These contain the settings for the export profile.

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