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Job Board Setup

The job board setup is completed in two areas, as part of the Company List and as part of the job posting in Applicant Tracking.  Below is the information that is contained in both areas. You can also find these instructions in Applicant Tracking and Posting an Open Position.

From your HR Dashboard, click the Company tile.

Select Company List from the dropdown menu.

When the Company List opens, you will see your company. Click on your company to open it.

When your company opens scroll down to Job Postings.

Please take note of the instructions from this section.

Follow the instruction to complete the job board setup. You can open the information box to learn more by clicking the icon.  To close it, click on it again. Click Save Changes when done.

Click the Integrity Data HRP logo to navigate back to your HR Dashboard

Click the Hiring tile.

Select Job Posting from the dropdown menu.

Scroll down to the Job Post/Job Board Settings section.

Highlighted in yellow, is required.  Highlighted in green, is required if you want to post your job to an external job board.

An XML file will be generated for each job listing you create in Applicant Tracking. The XML file is built to industry standards. This will allow a variety of job boards to receive the job posting information. Within that data is a link directly into Integrity Data HR. When an applicant is on a public job board and wants to apply for your position, it will link them to our HR interface to complete the application. As a result, you will not need to import applicants.