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HR and Payroll for Business Central

Colorado EE & ER Family Leave Insurance Tax

Before Getting Started

  1. Contact Tax Specialist to obtain PTM Tax Codes. (COFLI-EE and COFLI-ER)

EE Portion

2.Check the Payroll Tax Setup Table (Setup>Payroll Tax Setup>Additional State WH)

a. If the Code is there, Note the Payroll Calc Code. (You will need to use this in the Payroll Calc Lines for this Pay Code.

b. If it is not there, go to Setup>Payroll Setup, Get Tax Settings. If after processing, you still do not see it, reach out to Support.

3. Set up the Payroll EE Tax Code (Setup>Payroll Codes)

4. Add the Withholding to the Payroll Calc Formula(s). (Setup>Payroll Calc Formulas. Select “_REGULAR”>Setup>Lines.

c. Make sure to indicate the State.

d. Make sure to indicate the appropriate formula.

Repeat for additional Payroll Calc Formulas.

5. Add to GL Posting Setup. (Posting Setup/Withholding/Deductions)

ER Portion

6. Set up the Payroll ER Tax Code (Setup>Payroll Codes)