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Checklist of Activities Needed To be Performed for the Upcoming Filing

Here is a checklist to do if you have not been using the Cloud since the Spring filing of the previous year:

  1. Data Retention Package: You will need to retain your filing for the previous year. Click Here for info on Retention Package. This is found in the IRS Filing Activity Window in Utilities.
  2. Update Configuration Setups for the New Filing Year: (See the User Guide)
    • Standard Measurement Period – Check your last SMP on the Standard SMP schedule. If the Stability Period Setup does not cover the filing year, then, add another Period ID and up the year in all the setups by one.  Click Here for more KB info. Read more in the User Guide.
    • Company – Check for changes; add a new company. Details can be found in the User Guide
    • ACA Plan – Check to see if your least cost plan covers the filing year. If not add another record to the page with the Start and End dates of your plan covering the filing year. If the cost has changed for the plan, update that as well. Check the ACA Plan Setup of the Knowledge Base Articles for details. Also look in the User Guide for details.
    • ACA Information Assignment – Add a line for the current reporting year for each of the differing setups that correspond with the correct SMP Schedule.  Also be sure the ACA Plan is the one for this filing year. See details in the User Guide.
  3. Import the Data:
    • Employees: Always first before Transactions
    • Transactions: Both Pay Code Hours and Health Code Click Here for Transaction Detail
    • Dependents if Self-Insured Click Here for Dependent Information
  4. Prerequisite Setup for 2021: Found in the Cloud Solution in Utilities & Maintenance/Maintenance/1094-C Prerequisites. Click Here for Prerequisite Information

Once these steps have been completed and you have imported your data for the entire calendar year, you can run a Year End Close and generate your 1095-C forms. You will need to check your forms for accuracy and then you can distribute them to your employees by the IRS deadline. See the User Guide for any questions.

Click Here for the ACA Compliance Solution (Cloud) User Guide

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Last Review: 6/8/2020 – Revision: 1.0

Applies To: ACA Compliance Solution

Categories: Import of Data, Year End – Prerequisites 1094-C, ACA Plan Setup

KB Number: KB14-070

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