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Explanation of why Column (b) of my 1094-C Part III is Blank


It is supposed to be 0 if you have selected YES to the last circle on your 1094-C Prerequisite and YES that you are the authoritative transmittal company! This circle is stating that your company offered affordable coverage providing minimum value to 98% of your employees. This means all your employees, both FT and PT. Column (c) answers this Total Employee Count.

Column (b) does fill if you select NO on the 98% circle and YES as the authoritative transmittal company. It adds the FT Count in the (b) column.


These numbers in column (b) and (c) are driven from the active Full Time employee account and Part Time employee account in your Employee data base.


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Last Review: 5/25/2022 – Revision: 2.0

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