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Correcting Common Employee and Transaction Import Errors


Before importing transactions for the first time:

Please be sure to follow the required fields and data requirements that are provided to you in your initial import templates. These outline what information needs to go into the document, maximum character lengths and required information. If your import document does not need an amount specified, use a zero instead of leaving the field blank.

Blank error report

A blank error report is an indication that –

  1. A department or Job Title that is blank or too long
    • Job Title and Department is not a required field. Please make sure this is populated when trying to import
    • Those fields allows a maximum of 30 characters, including spaces. If they are too long, please shorten it to 30 characters or less and try to import again
  2. A header is misspelled, has a space when no space is needed
  3. Hidden column in your Excel file
    • Before attempting to import, make sure that all columns and rows in the Excel file are unhidden
  4. Row 1 of the example template was not removed before trying to import
    • On some example import templates there is a row 1 that states “Remove before importing.” Make sure that this row has been removed.
  5. Duplicate names with the same SSN.  In Excel highlight the SSN column and use the Conditional Formatting>Highlight Cells Rules>Duplicate Values.
  6. Extra Character such as quote signs need to be removed in the .txt file.  Open the .txt file and click on Edit.  Click on Replace.  Insert a ” on the first line and blank on the replace with.  Click Replace All.  If there are quotes in the file, the file blinks blue. Then Save the file.  Upload again.

Employee ID not found in system

This error is displayed when the employee ID for the specified transaction is not in the system. Always remember to upload employees first. If you encounter an employee import error, none of the records are updated in the system – is it important to successfully import employees and then move on to transactions.

This error (in conjunction with other errors) can also appear when there are extra blank rows at the very end of the .txt file that you are trying to import. In order to correct these errors, open the .txt import file and click the ctrl key and end at the same time.  If there is any blank space at all after the last record you should use the backspace button to delete it before trying to reimport.

*Note: When this error is received, all other transactions without error are imported into the system. Once the employee error is corrected, only import transactions for the employee IDs in error

Missing or invalid Period End Date / Period Start Date

This error appears when a date is in an invalid format or is missing. The period dates may only contain numbers and cannot contain alphabetical characters.

Company not Setup

When you are attempting to import transactions for a company that does not exist in the ACA Compliance Solution, you will receive this error. In the ACA Compliance Solution, navigate to Configuration > ACA Setup > Company and double-check that the company ID that you are trying to import is set up in the Compliance Solution.

Missing or Invalid Record Type

Record type is a required field in validations. Check to make sure all lines in the file have a record type assigned. There are four record types for use in the system :

  • 1 – Hours worked
  • 2 – Deduction amount
  • 3 – Benefit coverage
  • 4 – Used for certain safe harbor calculations

Formatting Employee IDs, SSN, Zip code and Zip Extension with leading Zeros

These steps should be applied to EMPLOYEEID (if needed – usually if the employee SSN serves as the employee ID as well), SSN, ZIPCODE, and ZIPEXTENSION columns.

Step 1
Highlight the entire column in Excel and right click. Choose Format Cells

Step 2
Choose Custom and erase the word “General”

Step 3
Formatting SSN – Input nine zeros into the text field and click OK
Formatting Zip code – Input 5 zeros
Formatting Zip Extension – Input 4 zeros


Questions / Resources

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If you would like to search for information and resources for Integrity Data products check out the following sites:

Last Review: 5/25/2022 – Revision: 1.2

Applies To: ACA Compliance Solution

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