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Date Conflicts with Existing History Record ERROR


This Conflict in History error is because what you are importing from your payroll system as the Hire Date (or Adjusted Hire Date) or Last Day Worked (Termination Date) does not match what is already in the Cloud for this employee. You will need to change one or the other and re-upload.

Here is how you would change this in the Cloud: Go in the Cloud to Maintenance/Employee. Filter for the employee in error. Click on Edit for that employee. This brings up the Payroll Employee Maintenance Card. Scroll down and click on the 2nd blue View History button (or the window may be already open) and see what the dates are. Then change them to match your Employee Payroll Upload and Update at the bottom of that screen and the next one it takes you to. See below. Then re-upload your employees.

Remember that an employee error prevents all the employees from being uploaded and must be fixed before attempting a transaction upload. However, transactions will upload to the Cloud for all the Employees who do not error. If you would upload the transactions prior to employees successfully being imported, some will error saying “Employee ID Not Found in System,” most likely New Hires that are not in the system. But remember that the transactions for the employees that did not error are imported and you will duplicate hours with the next upload. Look at another KB on how to fix duplicated hours.



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Last Review: 6/10/2022 – Revision: 1.1

Applies To: ACA Compliance Solution

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